It's been forever since I posted an entry here, not so anyone would notice since I only have like one follower here (hi tk!) This isn't whining--I'm never here. I've got horrible internet, currently using my phone as a hotspot since I have no other choice.

Aaaaaanyway, I've found myself in need of a blog, somewhere I can just write my thoughts. Tumblr isn't really set up for that, and since I have virtually no followers here (hi again tk!) I feel like I can do it here without offending anyone.

That's the other reason. I want to branch out into writing edgier stuff, possibly posting in a different fandom or original stuff, and every time I've done that before I have offended my regular readers.

So if you've found me here, welcome. Feel free to drop me a note if you care to. As always, I'd love to hear from you.

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Series 1-4 of Doctor Who
A friend mentioned to me that she was trying to write a top ten list of reasons to watch the first four seasons of Doctor Who. This is mine. It's also been posted on tumblr.

1. Character Development. Each recurring character goes through a change that turns them from being ordinary to extraordinary. The man with PTSD is healed. The fearful young man becomes strong. The teenaged school dropout from the projects becomes a self-confident, self-assured, strong woman. The young woman seeking approval becomes independent. The con artist becomes self-sacrificing. The villain saves the life of his lifelong enemy. The insecure woman becomes the savior of the universe.

2. The love story. Star crossed lovers, literally from different worlds. Over time you see them slowly fall in love, only to get separated and one make the ultimate sacrifice for the other.

3. The monsters. The Slitheen, the Weeping Angels, the Vashta Nerada, a werewolf…

4. The historical figures. Charles Dickens. Queen Victoria. William Shakespeare. Agatha Christie.

5. Captain Jack Harkness. He can’t be explained. He just has to be experienced.

6. The Doctor and Donna Noble’s relationship. “I just want a mate.” “You want to MATE.”
“No, no, I want a mate. A mate.” “You’re not mating with me, Sunshine.”

7. The stories. Stuck on a planet circling a black hole, An insane megalomaniac taking over the world, a starship called Titanic threatening to crash into the Earth, a living star, an exploding volcano…

8. The special effects. Incredible for a television show.

9. The roller coaster of emotions. Love, hate, anger, angst, revenge, self-sacrifice, drama, humor… it’s all there.

10. And last but not least, David Tennant. Not just a pretty face, he is probably one of the most talented actors of his generation and he displays his incredible range in Doctor Who. That, if for no other reason, is a reason to watch.

fic: Seduction
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

fic: Seduction
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

David Tennant
I was going to post another chapter of Seduction today, but instead a comment I heard by Olivia Coleman has me completely disgusted. Oh, not with her, but with David Tennant's more rabid fans. From what I understand, she said that part of her real role on Broadchurch was to protect him from some of his "more ardent followers".

Now anyone who knows me or follows me on Tumblr knows I become a complete little fangirl where he is concerned. I have never in my entire life seen anyone more handsome (I've always gone for tall, dark-haired, skinny, geeky guys-- describes the first person I fell in love with in fact). But beyond looks, I think he is as close to being a perfect human being as possible. He is intelligent and funny. He does charity work. He is possibly the most talented actor of his generation. He is incredibly hardworking, doing television, movies, audiobooks and radio, commercials, plays, interviews and conventions. By all accounts he is very nice, lovely to work with and almost never has a bad thing to say about anyone. And he is incredibly patient with his fans, particularly the youngest ones.

But he is also a human being. A real live person. A person who has a life and a family, a wife and young children, and who deserves a certain amount of privacy. So as a fan of his, I am incredibly horrified by some of the behavior of other fans of his, approaching him in private places (he tells one story of a fan wanting an autograph in the shower), taking pictures of him while he was trying to put a microphone cord down his trousers, and asking totally offensive and inappropriate questions at conventions. I am certain he has many, many other stories as well.

So I would just say to the other fans of his out there, if you really love him, show him some respect. Give him some privacy. Worship him from afar. And if you ever have the opportunity to meet him, thank him for all he does. As fans, it's the least we can do.

fic: Seduction
Chapter Four—Going Home

The TARDIS landed, without warning, in the middle of Jackie Tyler’s flat. It was by no means the first time it had happened, but it was such a rare occurrence that Jackie left the kitchen in the middle of washing the dishes. Wearing her signature light blue track suit, her bottle blonde hair in a messy ponytail, she waited by the door, grinning, still drying her hands on a tea towel.

When the Doctor opened the door, Jackie’s smile faded. Without greeting her, he carried an unconscious Rose straight to her old bedroom.

“What happened?” she said sharply. “What did you do to her?”

“Shhh, Jackie,” he said softly, but his voice still showed his irritation. “Wait till I get her in her bed.”

With great effort, Jackie waited while the Doctor gently put Rose in bed, only removing her jacket and trainers before he pulled a blanket over her too-still form. Before he had even closed her bedroom door, she lay into him.

“What’s wrong with Rose? What happened?”

The Doctor took a deep breath, steeling himself for the conversation. “She’s going to be alright, Jackie. She got bitten by a worm, well, a bunch of worms, and she had a bad reaction to it, but she should be fine.” He rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably and sighed. “Well, I say fine, really it’s more like mostly fine. I think.”

Jackie blanched and her hands flew to her mouth. If the Doctor wasn’t even certain how Rose was going to be…

“Oh, no,” she whispered wide-eyed. “Is she gonna die?”

His expression lightened. “Oh, no, no, no,” he tried to reassure her. “As far as her health is concerned, she will be alright. It’s just… the kind of worm she was bitten by can cause amnesia. Possibly permanently. Now I tried to counteract the effects while we were in the TARDIS, but we won’t know if it works until she wakes up. In the meantime I need to move the TARDIS. I’m just going to park her around the corner. If she sees it before she’s ready to, it could make the situation worse.” He moved to enter his ship.

“Doctor, wait,” Jackie said and the Doctor turned to her. “How much memory has she lost?”

“Probably three years.” And with that he left the room and the TARDIS dematerialized.

With moments he was back. Not bothering to knocking, he used his sonic screwdriver to unlock the door and enter the flat. He sank down next to her on the sofa.

“Three years, huh?” she asked without preamble. “So she won’t remember you.”

He shook his head. “And that may be for the best,” he said softly.

She looked at him sharply. “What do you mean?” Jackie demanded. “What did you do?”

“I gave her a flower,” he said. His elbow on his knee, he dropped his head into his hand and rubbed his forehead. “It was just a flower. Should have been perfectly safe. If she is in danger even when we are somewhere where she should be safe…” He looked up at her. “I’m leaving her here. I’ll give you the number to the TARDIS,” he said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen and paper and proceeded to write it down. He handed it to her, along with Rose’s mobile. “I’ve erased my number from her phone as well as all of her pictures,” he said. Then he gestured at the small scrap of paper he had given her. “If you need anything, anything at all, no matter what it is, big or small… you call that number. And please… ” His voice broke a little, and he swallowed hard. “Please, can you call once in a while and tell me how she’s doing?”

“Of course,” she said, patting his arm and staring at him. “Y’know, this is not like you. Usually you’d just take off wi’ ‘er regardless.”

“Jackie, it’s important she doesn’t have any sudden shocks. She can know about the memory loss, you can even try to trigger some of her memories if you like, but you mustn’t do anything drastic, like tell her about me or remind her of the TARDIS. It could be such a shock to her system that she could lose even more memories.”

The door to Rose’s room opened and Rose walked out, yawning. “I can’t believe it. I musta fallen asleep in my clothes again. Were Shareen and I out late last night or somethin’? And where did I get this top? Is it one of hers? I really don’t remember. I musta been really pissed last night if I can’t even remember what I was wearin’ or where I got it. And what happened to my hair? Someone cut off about eight inches of it.” She walked into the small sitting room and saw the Doctor with her mother.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, yawning again. “Have we met?”

She didn’t remember him. The neurotransmitters he had given her hadn’t worked.

He shook his head. “No. John Smith.” He stood and offered his hand, which Rose shook. “Jackie, I’ve really got to get going,” he said, looking over his shoulder at Rose’s mother. Turning back to Rose, he said. “Pleasure meeting you.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you, too,” she replied, smiling at him, and his hearts broke. As he walked towards the door, he heard her sit down on the couch next to Jackie.

“Not your usual type, yeah? He’s kinda cute. And I like the pinstripes. Whatever happened to Charlie at the pub?”

“Oh, that’s been over ages ago,” he heard Jackie reply. “And he and I aren’t like that. I’ve been seein’ Howard.”

“Howard? From the shop? How long has this been goin’ on…”

He walked out of the flat and quietly closed the door.

fic: Seduction
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

fic: Seduction
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

fic: Seduction
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Why I don't want a female Doctor
To anyone who follows me, and anyone who knows me, I am an obsessive Doctor Who fangirl. I love the show, both Classic and New. I have absolutely fallen in love with Nine, Ten and TenToo. I absolutely adore them. I love Eight and Eleven as well. In fact, it would be true to say I love all of them, in one way shape or form. After all, they are deep down the same man. Some I look at as a father/grandfather figure, some as mentor or friend, and a few get my heart racing. But they are all the same MAN.

Recently there has been a push from a certain group of fans to make the next Doctor a different nationality or gender. This to me smacks of political correctness run amok. Let’s make it clear. I just want the best actor to play the Doctor. But I don’t believe he should be American. There is a distinct British sensibility to the show, and by changing the Doctor’s accent so drastically I believe would change the tenor of the show too much.

The same goes for making the Doctor female. The Doctor is MALE. He has always been male. He has been the same man all along. I believe this would change the dynamics of the show so drastically that it would be unrecognizable and would make Moffatt’s changes to the show almost invisible by comparison. I really don’t see any reason to change the gender of the Doctor other than to stir things up and make the show more politically correct.

Now I want to be as clear as possible. I like the Doctor flirty. I like him arrogant and self-important and opinionated and rude. I like him brilliant and manic and strong and brave and just a bit off-kilter. I like him with a touch of angst. I like him sexy as hell. But most of all, I like HIM
I wouldn’t like HER.

There is a place in Doctor Who for strong female leads. There has been since Elisabeth Sladen was Sarah Jane Smith, and possibly since Caroline John played Liz Shaw. But must we have a female Doctor? God, I hope not.


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